Our Mantra

Do not emulate. We love German Riesling. We drink it while we make our Riesling. But we do not want our wines to be German Riesling, we want them to be Finger Lakes Riesling. This has been a core philosophy from the beginning and has driven us to work to define what the Finger Lakes taste like and it is an honor to be a part of defining that. We are inspired by Burgundy, Chablis, Hermitage, Germany and Chinon, but we are not trying to make them.

We will not force our will onto the wines. Our goal is to guide the wine to be what it is capable of, not forcing it to be what we want it to be. To this end, we work hard to not craft the wines to an image, but rather allow the wine to be itself, and to allow the impacts of our region shine.

Nothing added and nothing taken away. This is a tricky one. We are not interested in aligning with the Natural Wine movement, nor do we wish to portray ourselves that way. In the interest of the two points above, we believe in making wines that are true to place. To this end, we do not remove things from our wines (Reverse Osmosis, Spinning Cones, etc). More importantly, we don’t add much either. With the exception of minimal amounts of sulfur, we don’t add anything to our wines. We do not want to force the wine.

No aromatization. From the Vinea Wachau, we like this law. We strive for no addition of non-fruit-derived aromas. Meaning no oak aromas. We use wood, a lot of it actually. Nearly all of our wine spends significant amounts of time resting in barrel. But we use old wood only, striving for neutrality, and mostly large formats (500 and 600 liter barrels), with barrique as needed. We like the impact of slow oxidation in the raising of the wines, but never for “oak” in the wine.