Uncorked Potential: A Journey into the Finger Lakes Wine Region


The purpose of this documentary is to bring light to the world of wine for an audience that may not be very familiar with it, and more specifically to the Finger Lakes wine region of upstate New York. Aided by an enthusiastic and knowledgable host, viewers will embark on a journey through the winemaking process of Finger Lakes wines, following talented and creative winemakers, as well as grapes on their journey from vine to bottle, and then experience the culture of the Finger Lakes around the consumption of the bottle with key members of the community representing the vast and intriguing talent of upstate New York’s culture. Through the visionary eye of Darin Quan (Director of Photography) and under the directorial guidance of Jack Kauffman, viewers will meet and interact with great Finger Lakes talent of the wine world and enthusiastic community members. What’s more, the Finger Lakes wine region has been consistently listed as one of the best and most beautiful wine regions in the United States, yet still exists rather unknown to the average consumer.

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