2012-Cab Franc-Front LabelCabernet Franc

Along with Riesling, Cabernet Franc seems to be the most natural fit in the Finger Lakes. A grape most traditionally associated with the Loire Valley (Chinon, etc.), it has seen only a moderate amount of attention outside of France. While there are some notable examples of great Cabernet Franc being made round the globe, they are limited. It seems as though the Finger Lakes may be a stronghold for Cab Franc in the new world, which is fine with us.

A bit lighter than it’s much more popular offspring Cabernet Sauvignon, it excels without the ripeness that Cabernet Sauvignon so often seems to need. Add that to it’s thick skins and loose clusters, allowing airflow, and we have a grape that seems made to excel in our cooler, moister climate. To seal the deal, it is very cold tolerant. We believe Cabernet Franc will be the iconic red grape of the Finger Lakes before long.

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2010 Cabernet Franc

2010 Cabernet Franc Reserve

2012 Cabernet Franc