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With so much attention on Riesling these days, it seems that Chardonnay is slipping through the cracks. It is easy not to notice it, but that would be a mistake. There is a reason Chardonnay was the first vinifera to be planted in the Finger Lakes. Chardonnay fits our climate perfectly when planted in the correct areas. While it is a bit more sensitive to the bitter cold of Finger Lakes winters and takes more care to plant in some of the warmer and more protected microclimates, the climate during the growing season is perfect for cool climate Chardonnay. Whether it is grown to be vinified as a sparkling wine (one of the Finger Lakes’ hidden treasures) or as crisp, still Chardonnay, we believe this is one of the most exciting and unsung grapes in the Finger Lakes.

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2011 Chardonnay