2013-Lemberger-Front LabelLemberger

Also known as Blaufrankisch, is beginning to really gain some steam in the Finger Lakes. While this grape is more often associated with Austria, and to a lesser extent Germany, it has begun to make waves here in the last few years. Not the most well known, or immediately recognized by anyone but the geekiest, this grape’s growing popularity is due directly to its natural affinity for our climate, much in the same way that Cabernet Franc has established itself. Thick skins and generally loose clusters lead to a strong resistance against disease, and it seems to be quite cold tolerant.

We debuted our first Lemberger in 2013 and could not have been more excited. Unfortunately, as the crop was so limited in 2014, we were not able to produce one, though we will be back in production with the 2015 vintage.

Current Release:

2013 Lemberger