ElementWinery-2010RedTableWine-01Red Table Wine

While much of what we focus on is defining the style and character of individual grape varieties produced in the Finger Lakes, our Red Table Wine is different. Our flagship blend, this wine is really about creating a composite of tastes that represent the Finger Lakes more than any particular varietal, and allows us to explore the art of the blend.

In a world where specificity is equated with quality, we believe that while that can be true, it can also lead to wines that are singular. We love the art of blending, be it grapes (Bordeaux), Vintages (Champagne), soils (CdP), picking times, or winemaking techniques, and this is our nod to that love. Red Table Wine is our playground. It is for experimentation, change, love, passion, and whims. The blends will change every year, and are comprised of our favorite barrels that play well with each other. Why do we call it something so generic? It’s red. It is wine. And it definitely belongs on your Table.

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2010 Red Table Wine