2012-Riesling-Front LabelRiesling

A grape that causes more discomfort, possibly than any other. It is often the first wine people start drinking, and when they want to become “serious” wine drinkers they are weaned off of it. They are conditioned to believe that it is not good wine because it is not dry enough, strong enough, red enough, manly enough, heavy enough, painful enough, etc.

And yet, in the full circle way that the world works, we find that most wine professionals return to the glories of the grape.

As the Finger Lakes begins to define itself and emerge and emerge as a fine wine growing region, Riesling has become the flagship. Riesling is often associated with cool climates, but, it is not its ripening ability that makes it so important here in the Finger Lakes, but, rather its cold tolerance that are securing it, along with Cabernet Franc, as the most acclimated to the region. While not the first vinifera planted in the Finger Lakes (that was Chardonnay), it was one of the early highlights and wineries like Dr. Konstantin Frank and Hermann J. Wiemer became icons, largely based on their love and affinity for it.

Don’t feel embarrassed, don’t think Riesling is for beginners. These are the wines we drink because they are delicious. And delicious wines make for smiles.

Current Release:

2011 Riesling

Past Release:

2012 Riesling, Off Dry

2010 Riesling, Dry

2009 Riesling, Dry